ABDOH- Brazilian Out of Home Association


 Founded in 2008 April, is the reunion of the most important DOOH operators in Brazil. Our objectives are:


1- Help to disseminate the knowledge about DOOH

2- Placing our association as a powerful tool to build strong brands and to sell products

and services.

3- Improve the relationship between ABMOOH associates and the advertising market

4- Produce and divulge technical and all kind of information about DOOH

5- Set standards and ethical procedures for our sector

6- To make standardization of control and auditing systems


In the last six years ABMOOH (Brazilian Out-of-Home Media Association) has been developing efforts with many different Marketing and Technological sectors  looking for the integration with others associations as: ABA (Brazilian Advertisers Association), ABAP (Brazilian Advertising Agencies Association) , Media Group ( professionals that work in Agencies in Media Department) and has made many international contacts.

The ABMOOH associates have screens in many different places, like:

Buses, Metro, Taxis, Airports, Train Stations, Bus Stations, Super/Hyper Markets, Retail, Elevators, Bars and Restaurants, Gyms, Cafeterias and Convenience Stores, Malls, Universities, Gas Stations, Maternities,  etc.



Brazil is a developing country and is considered the 5th of the most important nations in the world. Together with Russia, India and China is part of BRIC, the 4 developing countries which are at a similar stage of newly advanced economic development.

The Brazilian GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is the 7th in the world.

This country has a continental area of 8.5 million kilometers² and a population of 193 millions people living in:

  • 59 million households
  • 84% in Urban areas

The city of Sao Paulo has the biggest population in Brazil: The total population is around 11 million, of which 19 million inhabitants live in the Metropolitan Area and it’s considered the 4th largest agglomeration in the World.

The “Terra da Garoa” (Land of Drizzle) – How they call - has the biggest market of Advertising of Latin America.

The prospects for 2013/2014 are positives, also because of the World Cup.




• The Brazilian advertising Market is the 5th in world according to Zenith Optmedia;

• Digital Out of Home has been the largest growing media in the Brazilian Market since 1999;

• Comparing January/December 2012 Vs. January/December 2013 the Out-of-Home Midia has growth 58%;

• The DOOH currently has almost 20% of participation in OOH market;

• Since 2007, the Out-Of-Home Market in Brazil growth 82% occupying the 4th place of the Midias.;


Digital Media OOH penetration – São Paulo Metropolitan region

  • 47% Saw any DOOH screen in the last 7 days
  • 67% Saw any DOOH screen in the last 30 days
  • 76% of the people noted the DOOH


  • The cities with highest penetration of DOOH (%) – Brazil  2013:

 Source Ipsos: Marplan studies EGM Next Gem - January/December 2013 -13 markets


  •  Penetration of DOOH per Suport (%) – Brazil 2013:



Source Ipsos: Marplan studies EGM Next Gem - January/December 2013 -13 markets


  • Penetration of DOOH on the Medias mix (%) - Brazil 2013:


Source Ipsos: Marplan studies EGM Next Gem - January/December 2013 -13 markets