A billboard that’s a real workout

When you think of an interactive billboard, you probably think of one that sends text messages or uses a beacon to communicate with passersby.

But this billboard is interactive in the truest sense of the word.

People actually touch, grab and even climb on the board. And they’re definitely being active.

The boards, located in Berlin, challenge passersby to test their strength by completing a physical activity.

This, of course, makes them thirsty. And then the boards point them toward the company behind the advertisements: Powerade, a maker of sports drinks.

The billboards were dreamed up by Powerade’s agency, Ogilvy & Mather.

There are three of them scattered throughout the city.

One of the boards is a climbing wall that rotates so that climbers can keep going indefinitely. It has blue, red and orange footholds, the same colors as Powerade drinks.

Another board displays a big target that people punch as hard as they can (this board is soft, so people don’t injure their fists). After they punch, a meter on the side rises to show how hard the person hit.

And the third is a bar that hangs in front of the billboard (pictured above). The bar is attached by a pulley to the billboard. When someone pulls down on the bar, the ad rises off the ground. The more pressure you put on the bar, the higher it rises.

After working out with the billboards, people build up a thirst. Street teams are on hand, giving out Powerades to people who complete the workouts.

The stunt works because the billboards grab attention. Not only are they fun and eye-catching, but the spectacle of someone climbing on a wall, punching a billboard or lifting one into the air is bound to draw attention.

The stunt is also getting buzz online. More than 21,000 people have watched a video about the billboard, and it’s been mentioned in a number of advertising-focused blogs.



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