Cool: A billboard made of yogurt lids

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Some 6,000 of them, fit together like a jigsaw puzzle to make a Colorado flag

Many companies have become more environmentally responsible over the past few years, monitoring their energy usage and using local sources to make their products.
Nearly every company recycles.
But few recycle in such an eye-catching manner as Noosa Yoghurt, which recently made a billboard from cast-off yogurt lids.

They were arranged to look like the Colorado flag for a billboard in downtown Denver.

What’s being promoted Noosa Yoghurt, a Colorado-based natural food company.
Why this stunt Noosa was acquired by a private equity firm in 2014. Whenever a mom-and-pop gets big money behind it, customers worry about changes to the product.

Noosa wanted to reassure yogurt buyers of its commitment to Colorado by constructing a tribute to the state for all to see.


The billboard went up last month.


How it worksyogurt 

Noosa used 6,000 4.5-inch yogurt tops to construct the billboard.
The design was drawn by hand on wooden sectionals, and the billboard was handpainted to match the colors of the lids.
After the lids had been attached, they were painted with a varnish with UV filter to protect them from the elements.

The board was made off-site, and then the pieces were transported to an Outfront Media billboard in Lower Downtown Denver, near Coors Field, where it was reassembled.



Source: medialifemagazine

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